Prospective Students

Are you interested in working with us?

We are always looking forward to work with talented and motivated students. Contact ARL's director, Dr. Herbert H. Tsang, to find out more opportunities to get involved in this lab's research projects. The availability of these research positions depends on my current funding and on the status of my current students. Contact me to find out more opportunities to get involve in my research projects!

My research interests are:

* Bioinformatics
* Software engineering and mobile computing
* Computational intelligence, evolutionary computation
* Modeling and optimization
* Human figure animation, software for dance
* Human-computer interaction
* Computer graphics and scientific visualization

  • I maintain an active group of students and I have a close collaboration with my research group. I run this group as follows:
    • We will have the regular meeting, extra meetings will be scheduled based on need.
    • By carefully select research topics, we will work together towards good publications.
    • I encourage my student work with my collaborators in industry and other institutions on interesting projects.

For potential student

  • send me an email with the following items
    1. a detailed resume
    2. a copy of your graduate/undergraduate transcript (does not have to be official)
    3. at least 3 references for me to contact
    4. any publication or writing sample that you have done

I will contact you for more information if your background match our interest.

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